English is critical to you and the success of your company. We are the leading authority. 

Our English language training courses are designed to improve the skills, motivation and performance of teams and individuals in the workplace. 

We deliver flexible, personalised English language training for groups and individuals. Courses are available ONLINE, at your premises or at the British Council premises.  

See the details of our offers below, then contact us.

1. Student discounts for organisations

Improve your training - send members of your staff to our public course classes. This means faster progress as individuals can study at their different linguistic levels.

We can give you a discounted fee, depending on the number of students you enrol.

Contact us to find out more.

2. Our teachers on your premises

You can have our lessons on your premises.

We will provide a fully-qualified experienced teacher who will work with groups or individuals at your workplace. We will test their initial level and also give you regular updates on your employees' progress throughout the course.

We will teach your staff our British Council English courses, and we can also offer various specialised courses: see Package 3 below for details.

3. Specialised courses and workshops

We can  provide training in Professional English and work-related skills.

Our business-oriented English courses will help you to use English in a realistic work context. 

We can help develop your staff’s oral or written soft skills (e.g. Writing Better Emails, Report Writing, Presentation Skills, Negotiating and Influencing )

We can also help develop their English for specialised purposes (e.g. English for Oil and Gas, English for Finance) through tailor-made training programmes. 

All courses can be delivered on our premises or on yours.

4. British Council English Level Testing Service

Organisations often need to find out how well their staff speak or write English. Our testing service can help. 

We offer our own online placement testing and level assessment, in-company light consultancies to help gauge the levels of English and the type of training needed for your staff, targeted to your needs, as well as being a centre for internationally recognized language exams such as IELTS and Aptis.

Contact us for more information.

More information

Still not sure which is the best solution for you?

Why not talk it over with us? We can help you to find how to achieve your training needs within a particular budget. Whatever package you choose, we will help you and your organisation to improve your English, making you confident English speakers in today's global world.

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