A smiling woman talking about the work the British Council does in Mozambique
A smiling woman talking about the work the British Council does in Mozambique ©

British Council

We work to build relationships between people and institutions in the UK and Mozambique, through programmes and events in the areas of English, Arts, Education and Society.

Much of what we do in Mozambique is about enabling young Mozambicans to achieve their ambitions. Whether you are aiming to learn English, need to sit a UK exam, develop professionally as an English teacher, or wish to connect your school with the UK, we are in Maputo as well as in 220 cities around the globe running such operations and many other activities.

We have an internationally recognised reputation for excellence in English language teaching and we draw on our global experience to devise local programmes that meet the specific needs of Mozambique.

We have increased the impact and reach of our work in English and Exams, giving many more students residing in Mozambique access to international opportunities, and making a major contribution to better quality English teaching in schools.

We offer and support a wide range of exams, including IELTS, school exams and many other university and professional examinations. These exams are recognised internationally and are a good way of measuring your ability in English. Employers use the exams to select employees with good English and universities often use IELTS to check the English ability of potential students. Aptis, the British Council's English assessment tool, is designed to help organisations and institutions identify standards of English and select the staff or students with the right skills.

Find out more about the courses and exams we offer in Mozambique.

In Mozambique, we:

  • promote UK education opportunities and partnerships
  • teach English to individuals and corporate clients
  • work with teachers on developing their skills
  • provide learning opportunities for professionals
  • provide English language learning and teaching materials
  • offer IELTS and Aptis English language examinations
  • administer UK university and professional examinations
  • develop education programmes and provide access to UK expertise in partnership with government ministries, development agencies and the business community in Mozambique.