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InEnglish Digital is an e-zine for teachers of English written by teachers and other ELT professionals from different Portuguese speaking countries.

The magazine contains a wide range of articles which will be of interest to all educators of English. The magazine appears twice a year.

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How creative can you be?

This edition of InEnglish Digital, the eighth, asks the question: ''How creative can you be?"

It opens with an article by Alan Maley, 2012 ELTons winner of the British Council 's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Other articles range from theoretical parsing to practical tips for creative classroom practices and include:

  • Mikolaj Sobocinski on creating the right context for students to speak English in "You Wanna Teach? Don't Bother..."
  • Damian Williams tracks the way English is used in the real world surrounding his students
  • Celeste Simões and Helena Oliveria use technology creativity to motivate their students
  • Luísa Lima and Francisco Langa discuss practical applications to help to boost the creativity of lessons, and Tanguene and Sangare share their delightful poems
  • Carolyn Leslie offers an article which examines how groups in classrooms interact (or don't!) and relates some analysis to her own experiences. 

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