Three men taking part in a professional communication skills class

Meeting your needs

Our short courses and workshops aim to provide real change. They are designed for people who want to improve both their personal performance and communication skills in English.

Qualified trainers and an interactive methodology ensure that the valuable lessons learnt can be quickly implemented back in your workplace. Content is customised to meet the needs of participants, and language development is built in.

Benefits of our Courses and workshops include:

  • Short duration offering high impact
  • Pre and post course tasks ensure learning goes beyond the training room, into the workplace
  • Training is participatory with a focus on developing real-life skills.

Our short courses and workshops

Our courses and workshops include:

  • writing skills
  • report writing
  • presentation skills
  • negotiation skills
  • telephoning
  • dealing with customers in English
  • minute taking.

Joining instructions

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